Alaskan Tanner Crab Meat

Alaskan Tanner Crab Meat

Alaskan Tanner Crab Meat

Enjoy this 6 lb gift box of Alaskan Tanner Crab Meat with free shipping for $249.50.

6 lb box, free shipping

FREE shipping!
$249.50 /ea
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Our Alaskan tanner crab meat is pre-cooked and ready to eat. Simply thaw and serve. Alaskan Tanner Crab has the sweetest and best tasting meat of any variety of snow crab. Alaskan Tanner meat is favored by many Alaskans for its sweet, rich and creamy flavor. Truly enjoy wild Alaskan crab meat without the shells or mess. Our Alaskan Tanner Crab Meat comes slightly flaked/ minced and is excellent to serve on top of salads, in Crab Louie, or sushi rolls. Conveniently packed in 1 lb packages. Individually vacuum sealed and shipped frozen direct from Alaska. Enjoy 1 lb of Alaskan Tanner Crab Meat for $43.95 or get our 6 lb gift box with free shipping for $249.50.

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