Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna

Ahi Tuna

Our Ahi Tuna AAA Saku Blocks are the preferred choice for sushi chefs and come in 10-14 ounce cuts.

10-14 oz blocks, sold per block

$24.95 /ea
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Our ahi tuna is premium quality AAA saku blocks. Great for a variety of applications, ahi tuna can be served raw or seared. Saku blocks are the best cut of ahi tuna for sale and AAA grade is highest quality grade based upon these 3 cuts: loins, steaks & saku block. If comparing these cuts to beef, the tuna loin is similar to hamburger, the steak is similar to chuck roast, and the saku block is similar to filet mignon. There are also three different grades of saku blocks: A, AA, AAA with AAA being the best. We only sell AAA saku block ahi tuna. 

Our sushi grade ahi tuna is a versatile fish that's a great choice for searing, poke, hand rolls or serving raw. When seared, ahi tuna has a taste and texture similar to ribeye steak. A preferred 10-14 ounce cut, our premium ahi tuna AAA saku blocks are cut specifically for sashimi and is the preferred cut for sushi chefs. Buy one 10-14 ounce block from $24.95 per block or enjoy our 8 lb box of ahi tuna with free shipping. Individually vacuum packaged and shipped frozen from Alaska.

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