Salmon Treats For Dogs

Salmon Treats For Dogs

Salmon Treats For Dogs

Enjoy this premium Salmon Treats for Dogs 12 pack with free shipping for $89.95.

12 pack, 4 oz packages, free shipping

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Our Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats for Dogs are all natural and single ingredient made only from Wild Alaskan Salmon. Shelf stable and hypoallergenic, Alaska Wild Treats® are a great source of wild caught salmon protein and Omega 3's for dogs. Gluten Free and Grain Free, Alaska Wild Salmon Dog Treats are made the way nature wanted; with no artificial fillers, grains or preservatives. Sold in 4 ounce packages, Alaska Wild salmon treats for dogs are a great training reward. Alaska Wild Salmon Treats for dogs are only $9.95 for each 4 oz. bag or get our 12 pack with free shipping for $89.95.

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