Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails

Lobster Tails

Choose from 12-14, 16-20, & 20-24 oz. Tails

Get the largest lobster tails from North Atlantic Waters. Sizes range from 12-14, 16-20 & 20-24 oz. lobster tails


Maine Lobster Tails Maine Lobster Tails have a sweet and delicate flavor similar to king crab. 12-14 oz lobster tails, sold per tail
Lobsters For Sale Our 16-20 ounce lobsters for sale make a great entrée for any event or special occasion. 16-20 oz lobster tails, sold per tail
Large Lobster Tails You've probably never seen lobster tails this large before. 20-24 oz lobster tails, sold per tail
Lobster Tails for Sale Get the largest lobster tails for sale in the world, ranging in size from 12-14 oz, 16-20 oz, and 20-24 oz. 4 pack, 16-20 oz tails, free shipping
Giant Lobster Tails Giant Lobster tails have a distinct fresh out of the ocean flavor that pair well with squeezed lemon juice and melted butter. 6 pack, 12-14 oz tails, free shipping

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