Alaskan Clams & Octopus

Alaskan Clams & Octopus

Alaskan Clams & Octopus

Shop Razor Clams, Abalone, Octopus & Calamari Steaks

Recipe ideas include Razor Clam Chowder, Lightly Battered and Fried Abalone Steaks, BBQ'd Octopus with Olive Oil & Garlic Salt, and Calamari Piccata.


Alaskan Razor Clams Sold in 1 lb Packages
Abalone Wild Caught Abalone, Sold in 3 oz Steaks
Wild Alaskan Octopus Frozen Octopus is excellent BBQ'd or prepared Sfakia marinated and chilled . Wild Alaskan Octopus, Sold in 2 lb Packages
Calamari Wild Calamari Steaks, 5-6 oz Steaks
Shop All Alaskan Clams & Octopus Products Shop Razor Clams, Abalone, Octopus, & Calamari
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