Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

Coho Salmon

Enjoy our Coho Salmon 10 lb Box of 95% bone-free portions for $199.50 with free shipping.

10 lb box, 95% bone-free, free shipping

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Our Coho Salmon are delicious broiled, sauteed, or cedar planked on the BBQ. Coho Salmon are typically referred to as "Silvers". Wild caught and direct from Alaskan waters, our Coho silver salmon are typically harvested during the summer months of July - September and most fish weigh between 6 -15 lbs. Many people consider the taste profile of a cohos a cross between king and sockeye salmon. Our 95% bone-free Wild Caught Coho Salmon Fillets are cut into convenient 4 to 10 ounce portions and individually vacuum sealed. Sold frozen and shipped from Alaska. Now is a great time to try this 10 lb box of 95% bone-free Alaskan Silver - Wild Kalgin Island Salmon® - for $199.50 with free shipping. 

What is so special about Wild Kalgin Island Salmon®? 

All of our Wild Kalgin Island Salmon® products are premium grade fish. All Wild Kalgin Island Salmon® products are 100% Wild Caught, Alaskan Sockeye, Coho, and King Salmon. Our Wild Caught Sockeye, Coho and King Salmon are treated with the utmost care and are size graded, bled immediately, slush iced and transported to our state of the art facility. All fish are immediately processed and frozen within 48 hours from the time they are caught. Our 95% bone-free Alaskan Coho - Wild Kalgin Island Salmon® are caught off the Cook Inlet, Alaska. Now is a great time to try our 10 lb gift box of our premium grade Wild Caught Coho Salmon for $199.50 with free shipping.

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