Gulf Shrimp for Sale

Gulf Shrimp for Sale

Gulf Shrimp for Sale

Our Wild White Gulf Shrimp for sale have no artificial preservatives or chemicals added; just 100% all natural shrimp treated with salt and water.

8/12 count, peeled and deveined, sold per lb.

Free shipping with 8 or more pounds.
$29.95 /lb
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Our Wild White Gulf Shrimp for sale are delicious. If you're looking for all natural shrimp for sale, not treated with artificial preservatives or chemicals, look no further! Harvested from the Gulf of Mexico, our Wild White Shrimp are 100% all-natural; just preserved with salt and water. Peeled and deveined, these Gulf Shrimp for sale are very easy to prepare and serve. Because of its high quality, these White Shrimp are the standard by which all other Gulf Shrimp for sale are measured. 

Our Wild Caught Gulf shrimp for sale are a great protein to support a healthy lifestyle. These 100% all natural shrimp already come conveniently peeled and deveined making preparation a breeze. Great to use in preparing an excellent shrimp cocktail or served chilled marinated in a combination of fresh minced garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt. Sweet and Firm, Gulf Shrimp cook fast at a rapid boil between 60 - 90 seconds. Buy 1 lb of 8/12 count White Gulf Shrimp for sale for $29.95 or enjoy a 10 lb box with free shipping for $279.50. Sold frozen in 1 lb packages and shipped direct from Alaska to your door.

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