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Sablefish, also known as black cod or butterfish, has a silky mouth feel and delectable flavor. Having the highest levels of Omega 3's out of any fish in the pacific ocean, sablefish has been referenced as the, "cheesecake of the ocean" for good reason. Not all sablefish have the same oil content. For Alaskan sablefish the larger the fish, the more oil content this fish has. Our 8 lb box of skin-on sablefish is sourced from the largest fish in the catch, assuring that you get the highest amounts of Omega 3's available.

Although many people eat Alaskan sablefish for its many nutritional benefits, it has a richly unique flavor all of its own. Some people compare the flavor profile of sablefish to Chilean sea bass. Sablefish pairs well with Asian flavors such as hoisin or teriyaki sauce. Each sablefish fillet is individually vacuum packaged in 6-12 ounce portions. Sold Frozen and shipped from Alaska. This 8 lb Box of Skin-on Sablefish includes free shipping and is a great opportunity to enjoy delicious Alaskan seafood delivered to your door.

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