Smoked Whitefish

Smoked Whitefish

Smoked Whitefish

Black cod smoked whitefish is known as butterfish for good reason, with a rich depth of flavor and incredible mouth feel all of its own.

Smoked black cod portions, sold per lb.

$39.95 /lb
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Enjoy our Smoked Whitefish with friends and family. Our Smoked Black cod is a premium Alaskan Whitefish. Our black cod smoked whitefish a very rich tasting fish because it has the highest levels of Omega 3's out of any fish in the pacific ocean. Smoked Black Cod has a taste profile which is rich and creamy similar to eating cheesecake. Our black cod smoked whitefish portions are individually vacuum sealed in convenient 4 -10 ounce packages and have a snow white meat color with a golden outer crust. Enjoy 1 lb of Smoked Black Cod for $39.95 or get our 4 lb gift box with free shipping for $149.80. 

All of our Alaskan Black Cod Smoked Whitefish is 100% all natural, wild and delicious. First, our Wild Alaskan Black Cod are filleted into serving size portions, then brined with sea salt and spices. Next, we delicately hot smoke our Black cod Portions with cherrywood; cherrywood smoke adds a deliciously distinctive sweet flavor that pairs great with fish. Our Alaskan Smoked Black cod is 95% bone-free and ready to eat; just thaw and serve. Enjoy 1 lb for $39.95 or get our 4 lb Black Cod Smoked Whitefish Gift Box with Free Shipping for $149.80.

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