Tiger Shrimp For Sale

Tiger Shrimp For Sale

Tiger Shrimp For Sale

If you're looking for Largest Wild Black Tiger Shrimp for sale you can find, you've come to the right place.

4-6 per lb, sold per lb.

Free shipping with 8 or more pounds.
$38.95 /lb
     Sold Out

Our Wild Tiger Shrimp for sale have a crisp texture and moist flavor. Wild Black Tiger Shrimp or Prawns are known for distinct black stripes on their shells and light stripes on their flesh. Unlike Farm Raised Tiger Shrimp, Wild Caught Black Tiger Prawns have a much more pronounced flavor profile. Black Tiger Shrimp have thicker shells than other types of shrimp-like crustaceans. Their thick shells turn bright red when cooked and hold heat which makes them cook much quicker than other prawns or shrimp for sale. 

These 4-6 count Wild Black Tiger Shrimp for sale are enormous. When you think of Large Wild Caught Prawns, these are it. Our Wild Black Tiger Shrimp for sale are rare and are caught by trawlers up to 300 ft deep. Large and flavorsome, these 4-6 count Black Tiger Shrimp are sold frozen in 1 lb packages and shipped from Alaska. Enjoy 1 lb of Black Tiger Prawns for $38.95 or buy our 10 lb box with free shipping for $369.50.

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