White Salmon Bellies

White Salmon Bellies

White Salmon Bellies

White Salmon Bellies are a truly decadent treat.

White king bellies, sold per lb.

$39.95 /lb
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Rich, oily, and succulent, our white king salmon bellies have a delicious flavor and truly melt in your mouth texture. Much like the cheeks on a halibut, white salmon bellies are a considered by local Alaskans as treasured prime cut of fish. But people aren't the only ones that feel this way. Did you know that both bears and eagles favorite parts of salmon to eat are the heads and bellies? These animals prefer those cuts of meat because they have the most oil content. Due to its popular demand and limited supply, we commonly run out of our red and white salmon bellies, so order now if they are in stock. Get 1 lb of white king salmon bellies for $39.95 or enjoy our 10 lb box for $369.50 with free shipping. 

White King Salmon have a buttery taste, light flavor, and delicate texture making it one of the finest delicacies of wild seafood. White King Salmon Bellies have a much higher fat content than the fillets. If you're looking for something truly decadent and hard to find, our white salmon bellies are a real treat. Salmon store a large amount of their fat reserves for their journeys up the rivers of their birth in their bellies. With an extremely high Omega 3 content, salmon bellies are succulent, very difficult to overcook, and dripping with flavor. Supplies are limited and we run out of stock every year. When we have in stock, we'd recommend ordering before we run out. Sold Frozen and shipped from Alaska in 1 lb packages; there's approximately 4-6 bellies in each package. Get 1 lb for $39.95 or enjoy our 10 lb box for $369.50 with free shipping.

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