Whole Sockeye Salmon For Sale

Whole Sockeye Salmon For Sale

Whole Sockeye Salmon For Sale

Each Whole Sockeye Salmon will weigh between 2-4 lbs with the heads and guts removed.

H&G sockeye salmon, 12 lb box.

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Our Whole Sockeye Salmon for sale are wild caught. Direct from Alaskan waters, our wild caught sockeye salmon are typically harvested during the summer months of June - August. Wild Caught Alaskan Sockeyes are typically referred to as "red salmon" because of their bright cherry colored meat. Whole Sockeye Salmon are sold frozen with the heads and guts removed which is also referred to as H&G. Each Fish will weigh between 2-4 lbs. You will receive at least 12 lbs of H&G Salmon in this free shipping box which typically consists of 3-4 fish. Shipped frozen from Alaska.

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