Fresh White King Salmon Steaks

Fresh White King Salmon Steaks

Fresh White King Salmon Steaks

Freshly Caught White King Salmon Steaks are a rare treat incomparable to any other fish.

White salmon steaks, sold per lb.

$31.95 /lb
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Fresh Salmon Steaks from Troll Caught White Kings are premium quality because each fish is individually caught while they are still alive. Many people are unaware that a very small percentage of Wild King Salmon caught are troll caught. Commercial trollers catch much less volume then the traditional net-caught fishing methods; that is what makes these fresh white king salmon steaks so special. Trollers fish in the open ocean at slow speeds with baited lines and when the fish are caught, they are individually gilled, gutted, iced then frozen. Then these freshly caught salmon steaks are cut into individual serving size portions. Our White king salmon steaks are sold frozen, individually vacuum sealed in 8  to 16 ounce portions, and shipped from Alaska. Enjoy our white king salmon steaks for $31.95 lb or get our 10 lb box for $289.50 with free shipping. 

What Makes Troll Kings So Special?

Our Freshly Caught Salmon Steaks from Troll Caught Kings differ from most other wild salmon because they are harvested during a different life cycle stage in the open ocean, while they are still growing and aggressively feeding. Our Troll Caught White King Salmon Steaks will have a blue chrome tint to their scales and ivory to snow coloring on their meat. There are few fish that get the special attention that Troll Caught White King Salmon receive. Now is a great time to see how good our Fresh White King Salmon Steaks are for yourself and enjoy them for $31.95 or get our 10 lb gift box with free shipping for $289.50. 

What Makes a King Salmon's Meat White? 

Much like the exact details on how wild salmon navigate, after travelling 1,000's of miles in the open ocean, back to the precise locations upon the rivers of their birth, scientists are still unclear about the exact reasons why white kings have the unusual pigment to their flesh. Years ago, it was commonly believed that the Ivories had a white colored flesh because they had a different diet from red king salmon. After further research indicated that both white and red king salmon eat similar diets of shrimp, krill, crab, and small bait fish, that theory is less commonly believed. It is now more commonly believed that the ivory salmon have a genetic trait for them to have an inability to process pigments in their food and that enables them to be white. Both ivory and red king salmon have been found to have the same nutritional value and Omega 3 content. Whatever the reason may be, know that white king salmon are a rare treat, difficult to find, caught with great care, and a delicacy incomparable to any other fish.

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