Frozen Halibut For Sale

Frozen Halibut For Sale

Frozen Halibut For Sale

Buy frozen halibut for sale direct from the source in Alaska.

Skin-on, boneless, sold per lb.

$35.95 /lb
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Buy frozen halibut for sale direct from the source in Alaska. Alaskan halibut is a premier whitefish low in sodium, heart-healthy, and light in flavor. Considered by many as the steak of Alaskan seafood, frozen halibut for sale are naturally lean with a firm white meat. Although they can grow to be the largest flatfish in the ocean, we hand select smaller halibut for sale for our frozen skin-on portions. Boneless, each hand cut fillet is individually vacuum packaged in 8 to 16 ounce portions. Our halibut fillets are sold frozen and shipped from Alaska. 

So why buy frozen halibut for sale? 

A common misconception is that fresh seafood is better than frozen. No one can argue that enjoying freshly caught fish the day it is harvested, bled and iced immediately after being caught, is an excellent way to enjoy seafood; however, a close 2nd is frozen seafood that is handled with care and processed immediately. The reason for this is finding out how old fresh fish actually is when being sold. Most of the time seafood that is being sold "fresh" is at least 3 days old, due to transportation and logistics from point of harvest to the point of sale. Buying wild seafood frozen direct from the source in Alaska is a great way to know that your seafood was harvested, iced and processed immediately; you can feel confident knowing are getting the highest quality fish available unless you come here and catch it yourself.

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