Kalgin Island King Salmon

Kalgin Island King Salmon

Kalgin Island King Salmon

Portions and Burger

Our Wild Kalgin Island Salmon® King products include portions and burger.


Kalgin Island King Salmon Portions Our Wild Caught Kalgin Island King Salmon Portions are delicious broiled, sauteed, or cedar planked on the BBQ. 95% bone-free, sold per lb.
Wild Alaskan King Salmon Our Wild Alaskan King Salmon is 95% Bone-free paired with numerous health benefits and delicious flavor. 8 lb box, ki, 95% bone-free, free shipping
Wild Alaska King Salmon Wild Alaska King Salmon is known for its numerous health benefits and outstanding flavor. Bone-in, ki, portions, sold per lb.
Alaska King Salmon Enjoy this 8 lb of  Alaska King Salmon for $299.50 with free shipping. 8 lb box, ki, bone-in, free shipping
Skinless King Salmon Portions Try our Skinless King Salmon Portions broiled or on a cedar plank with Alaska Tim's Salmon Rub. Skinless, sold per lb.
Skinless King Salmon Cooking Skinless King Salmon on a cedar plank allows the natural flavors of wood to enhance the meat. 10 lb box, skinless, free shipping
Kalgin Island King Salmon Burger Our King Salmon Burger has no fillers or additives and is 100% pure meat. 100% pure salmon meat, sold per lb.

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