White Troll King Salmon Burger

White Troll King Salmon Burger

White Troll King Salmon Burger

Our White Troll King Salmon Burger Meat is a unique and healthy substitution for protein in recipes.

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Our White King Burger is 100% meat with no fillers or additives. Much like the fillets, White King Burger meat is full of Omega 3 fatty acids which is what gives them their defined flavor profile. White King Burger is sold frozen and individually vacuum sealed in 1 lb portions. You can typically make 4 salmon patties from each 1 lb. package of Red King Burger meat. Now is a great time to enjoy this 8 lb box of White King Salmon Burger for $149.50 with free shipping. 

White King Salmon have a buttery taste, light flavor, and delicate texture making it one of the finest delicacies of wild seafood. Our White King Burger has no fillers or additives and is 100% pure salmon; it has the same flavor profile of the fillets for a fraction of the price. Our White King Burger meat makes a quick, easy, and instant protein. Once thawed, White King Burger is excellent simply sauteed with minced garlic, sea salt and butter for 1-2 minutes. Our White King Burger is great in burgers, pastas, soups, salads, and tacos or, in any other preparation, it can be substituted for a protein as a healthy alternative.

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