Troll Caught King Salmon

Troll Caught King Salmon

Troll Caught King Salmon

Troll Caught King Salmon Fillets need little preparation to achieve that fresh out of the sea flavor.

10 lb box, red king salmon, free shipping

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Troll King salmon are such a special, premium quality fish because each one is individually caught while they are still alive. A very small percentage of Wild King Salmon caught are troll caught. Commercial trollers catch much less volume then the traditional net-caught fishing method for salmon. Trollers fish in the open ocean at slow speeds with baited lines and when the fish are caught, they are individually gilled, gutted, iced then frozen. Each fillet is sold frozen, individually vacuum packed in 8 to 16 ounce portions, and shipped from Alaska. Enjoy this 10 lb box of Troll Caught King Salmon Portions for $379.50 with free shipping. 

What Makes Troll Kings So Special?

Troll Caught Kings differ from most other wild salmon because they are harvested during a different life cycle stage in the open ocean, while they are still growing and aggressively feeding. Most Troll Caught King Salmon will have a blue chrome tint to their scales. Net caught king salmon; however are typically at the end of their life cycle stages, being caught near the shore, within miles of the mouths of rivers where they were born. Because of this, net caught king salmon, may stop eating in the ocean, in preparation for their journey up the rivers of their birth, and have a higher fat content than Troll Caught fish. There are few fish that get the special attention that Troll Caught King Salmon receive; now is a great time to see how good it is for yourself and enjoy this 10 lb box for $379.50 with free shipping.

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