Wild Pink Shrimp

Wild Pink Shrimp

Wild Pink Shrimp

Wild Caught Pink Shrimp are delicious protein to support a healthy lifestyle.

16-20 per lb, deveined, sold per lb.

$25.95 /lb
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Our Wild Pink Shrimp have a tender texture and undeniably sweet flavor. A versatile protein, these Sweet Pink Shrimp are a wild caught and delicious. In addition to making an excellent shrimp cocktail, these 16-20 count Wild Sweet Pinks can star in a wide range of dishes in minutes. Our Wild Sweet Pink Shrimp are conveniently deveined and are easy to peel. Enjoy a 1 lb bag of our Sweet Pink Shrimp for $25.95 or get our 10 lb box for $199.95 with free shipping. Sold in 1 lb packages. Shipped frozen from Alaska.

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