King Salmon For Sale

King Salmon For Sale

King Salmon For Sale

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All Red King Salmon For Sale Products on this page are Free Shipping Gift Packs.


Troll Caught King Salmon Troll Caught King Salmon Fillets need little preparation to achieve that fresh out of the sea flavor. 10 lb box, red king salmon, free shipping
Salmon Steak Salmon Steaks from Troll Caught Kings are premium quality because each fish is individually caught  while they are still alive. 10 lb box, red king, free shipping
King Salmon Bellies King Salmon Bellies have a much higher fat content than the fillets. 10 lb box, red king bellies, free shipping
Red Troll King Salmon Burger Red Troll King Salmon Burger Meat is excellent simply sauteed for 1-2 minutes with minced garlic, sea salt and butter. 8 lb box, free shipping

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